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Vaginal laxity:How To Tighten Your V

Vaginal laxity:How To Tighten Your V

Apple cider vinegar

As ladies we love to get together, gossip and have all sorts of fun but whenever it comes to talking about tight/loose private parts(vaginal laxity) the conversation uncomfortably intensifies. However, there are many common causes, that are normal to a woman’s body, that can lead to vaginal laxity such as giving birth through the vagina, menopause, genetical physical structure and health issues.

Causes of Vaginal laxity

Additionally, some of the causes that one may not ever come to think of include stress, being overweight, laughing and sneezing… Yep. Thus, it’s quite a common issue for most women all around the world. So it’s nothing to be embarrassed or uncomfortable about.

Furthermore, if one is to ignore such a problem of having vaginal laxity, it can develop into a worse case such as having low self esteem, delay in having orgasms and a low sex drive. Having said that, those days are over I got you covered girl!

Nonetheless, these are the home remedies one can use to regain their vaginal intensity:
(I’ve personally used most of these myself, and they work wonders)

1. Cinnamon, Stoney & Black Halls

How to Tighten your vaginal laxity

Heat the stoney(ginger drink), add two small packets of black halls(extra strong) until they dissolve and add a tablespoon of the cinnamon, proceed to stir. Consume while in lukewarm temperature. Drink a few hours before doing the deed… And come back to thanks me!

2. Cinnamon & Milk

Cinnamon and milk to get rid of vaginal laxity

Cinnamon is known to have antibacterial, antifungal and also antiviral agents, with the assistance of milk, they form a medical remedy for various diseases. Additionally, this combo is a famous libido booster. Warm a cup of milk, add  half a teaspoon of cinnamon and drink the mixture warm. If you wanna see testimonials of this mixture search it on twitter, as it is rumoured to make women extra tight and last longer in the bedroom.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar
I know some of you are thinking like what? But it’s true girl! Vinegar has great benefits as it assists the skin become firm and elastic (down there), therefore tightening the vaginal walls. Vinegar can be used in two methods to tighten the vagina. Firstly, fill a bathtub/bigger vaskom with  warm water, begin to add two cups of vinegar into the warm water and stir the mixture. Sit in the water for at least 15-20 minutes, while opening your legs. OR… Use this a douche (but with luckwarm temperature).

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4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera
The key essential part of the aloe vera plant is its gel. Aloe vera gel has many positive benefitial properties in it that are of great assistance to tightening the vagina. Nevertheless, apply the get on at least the tip of your finger and apply it in there.

5. Kegal Exercise

Kegal exercise to get rid of vaginal laxity

This is the most common and medically recommended method of tightening the vaginal muscles. Listen carefully,… find the muscles you use to stop the urine flow/urinating while laying on your back, squeeze those muscles for a second and release again for another second. These are the pelvic muscles and if you want to see good results consecutively to this exercises 5/6 times a day.

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