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Arrested:Bully school female who brutally assaulted mate appears in Court

Arrested:Bully school female who brutally assaulted mate appears in Court

KZN female bully arrested for assaulting schoolmate

Female bully who was recorded physically assaulting her fellow school mate, on a video that has ever since gone viral, and ripping out her pants in front of the whole entire school is facing jail time!

Additionally, it has been confirmed that both learners are from a KwaZulu-Natal institution named Mathole High school. After the video went viral, it further gained traction from the right people in the Education department who thus took further action. With that being said, the grade 11(aged 16 years old) bully was reported hand-cuffed just outside of the hospital she had been discharged from.

KZN bully female arrested for assaulting mate

If we are to recall, the bully school girl had attempted to commit suicide this Monday in fear of the consequences ahead of her and had lashed out on social media just before doing so. Well, the South African law weren’t having none of and later on arrested her as she was about to evacuate the hospital premises yesterday!

KZN female school bully arrested for assaulting mate

“She then immediately appeared at the Mahlabathini Magistrate’s Court yesterday and luckily released to the care of her parents as she’s still a minor”. Furthermore, the case is yet to be settled on the 14th of October, after clear detailed investigation has been determined. Colonel Mbele, from the KZN SAPS department, confirmed that the individual is facing “defamation of character and assault charges”.

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On a better note, the victim has been provided with a full team of psychological specialists in attempt to assist her regain her dignity and confidence as the incident has brought about all kinds of exposure. Apparently, both girls were much fond of each other and related as well.



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