32 Coronavirus Interesting facts and myths

Coronavirus interesting facts and myths
  • There has been a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding the Coronavirus, specifically between the facts and myths. Covid-19 has been spreading rapidly all around the world, leaving many in panic and distress. Covid-19 has also been affecting African countries, with numbers of people testing positive increasing immensely.

However, African countries have been able to handle the pandemic with effective lockdown restrictions and regulations. Additionally, Africa has been having quite a great recovery rate, which is at 52% overall. Thus, more countries in Africa being less affected compared to other countries in other continents.

Southern Africa has been the most affected with South Africa holding the record for the country with the most infected cases in the continent. South Africa is set to experience huge amounts of infected people in the following season, as the country enter’s its winter. Nonetheless, people need to be educated about the virus to reduce risks of more people getting infected.

Thus, these are the interesting facts and myths about the Corona virus:

30 coronavirus interesting facts and myths 1. Coronavirus (CoV) is a family of about 40 viruses, but Covid-19 is a disease caused by a new coronavirus.

2. Scientists, even the cells, did not know or come into contact with the virus, hence it’s named “new coronavirus”.

3. The new coronavirus catches our immune system by surprise, hence it’s much easier to get infected and cope with. Even though the human immune system has long been adjusting to deal with new illnesses.

4. The infection begins to actively reproduce itself in the throat first, then down the body, hence the first symptom is coughing. Or sometimes no symptoms at all.

5. Covid-19 can be treated the same way as normal flu, with just natural home remedies, specially it’s symptoms (not the whole illnesses).

6. Loss of taste/smell is one of the symptoms.

7. Covid-19 was controlled in South Korea, until a patient infected over 1 200 people by ignoring doctors orders and going to church.

8. Everyday, about a third of people are infected, worldwide.

9. Hundreds of thousands of people are set to die from the disease, with tens of millions set to be infected(globally).

10. The virus is originally from an animal.


11. A tip of a needle can hold almost 100 million copies of the virus, to measure the size.

12. An infected person’s drop of saliva contains billions of the viruses particles.

13. Masks are not 100% protection.

14. A person can easily get the virus if they enter a room (even an empty one) where an infected person has been in.

15. The virus remains for up to a day on paper/cardboard, and 3 days on plastic/steel surfaces.

16. Antibiotics are useless when used for the virus, but chlorhexidine can help with disinfection.

17. An effective vaccine is not set to be found anytime sooner.

18. About 4% of infected patients need lung ventilation, when the virus hits hard.

19. Chloroquine has been effective in treating the virus, studies have found.

20. Coughing is a symptom, but sneezing is NOT, of the virus.


21. USA has the highest infection with 1 783 132, followed by Brazil at 468 338 and Russia with 387 623 confirmed cases.

22. Globally, 5 919 364 people have been infected, 364 459 deaths and 2 490 221 recovered cases.


30 Coronavirus interesting facts and myths 1. Surgical masks protect against the virus❌

2. Pets can spread the virus❌

3. Bathing prevents getting infected❌

4. Ultraviolet lamps can kill the virus❌

5. Covid-19 is the same as flue❌

6. You, can easily tell when you are infected❌

7. Face masks prevent one from being infected❌

8. Avoiding all human contact prevents from infection❌

9. Covid-19 spreads the most in winter❌

10. Black people are less likely to get infected❌

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