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How to apply for NSFAS online

How to apply for NSFAS online

How to apply for NSFAS online

Here are simple steps to apply for NSFAS online(National Student Funding Allowance Scheme). NSFAS is a funding aid by the South African government meant to financially support underprivileged students. Those who wish to further their education.

The financial aid scheme is under the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). Initially, the project was introduced in 1999 through the Act of Parliament as a loan for students as the NSFAS we know today.

The DHET funds the aid and with the assistance of other national donars. The costs of financial aid cover students tuition, food, stationary and housing. Some students are covered for transport and practices(Teaching Practice for education students).

Up until 2018 it was considered a loan but until then has been converted into a bursary. This means that students which have been funded from 2018 upwards do not have to pay back. Unlike in previous years.

Nevertheless, here are things you need to know and do in order to apply for NSFAS online


Firstly, you need to be of South African nationality. Secondly, your parents or parent should not receive over R350 000 on their yearly household income. Thirdly, SASSA receivers and people with disabilities are prioritized.


You need to have the following documents in order to apply or qualify for the funding scheme :
° Certified copy of your Home Affairs Identity Card or Birth Certificate(if you don’t have an ID yet)
°Certified copies of both your parents/parent, person who’s your guardian. Sometimes, even your spouse if you are married.
°Certified copy of your Matric Certificate or Statement (usually you receive your statement before your certificate if you are fresh out of school)
°Proof of Address (where you currently located at)

° Certified copies of your Proof of Income or your parents Proof of Income (if you are still young)
*If your parent is unemployed, they need to make an affidavit at your nearest police station or Court stating how they make a living

*Or your parents could go to SASSA offices and request Proof that you are a SASSA recipient. That, you recieve any government grant.
°Sometimes you might need proof of registration from any Public institution. Or, the institution will do it for you after you register.


1. Search apply for NSFAS online and click on the tab.
2. You will be obligated to choose between two options, Sign in OR Register. Click register if you haven’t and fill in the required information.
3. Complete the necessary steps, the website will redirect you and you’ll need to upload the necessary documents.
4. Double check everything, this is very important before clicking submit.
5. Keep your references number because you might need it for future assistance.

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