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Dreaming of the dead meaning (Sangoma Interpretation)

Dreaming of the dead meaning (Sangoma Interpretation)

What is means to dream of the dead

Almost all of us have lost a loved one, without actually having the chance to say our last goodbyes. Which is the sad part about death, it comes unexpected. Yes, we already know death will eventually come but one can never say they were precisely prepared to handle losing a loved one, ever! Death leaves gaping holes, leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions which will never be known and, sometimes, make us live in regret.

We are left asking ourselves what could we have done differently or what could we have done to change the hands of time. Then it gets extremely difficult when religion tells us ‘the dead are no more’, even in spirit. However, then tradition contradicts such and says otherwise, the dead aren’t entirely perished from existence but have formed part of our ancestry.

We are allowed to consult and keep the dead alive in spirit. Then our wishes are fulfilled when our passed on loved ones avail themselves to us in our dreams. Furthermore, we all yearn for such and specifically to know how they are in other worlds. It gets even tougher/confusing to see them avail themselves in these dreams but we fail to understand or interpret what they symbolize.

Hence, these are what the following dreams symbolize:

What is means to dream of the dead

1. Dreaming of the dead smiling-

This signifies that they are happy and in a good space/environment, spiritually. These dreams are usually accompanied by luck to come in one’s life. You’ll probably be laughing and enjoying yourself in the dream. Additionally, you’ll also notice something about their skin being beautiful or usually them in white attire.

2. Dreaming of the deceased shouting-

This dream symbolizes anger or rage by the deceased loved one. It entails you might have done unappeasing or disappointing. It further entails that they aren’t happy with your current life decisions and need for you to change your ways.

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3. Dreaming of laughter-

Whenever you dream of having a good old laugh, always remember that you had a visit from your ancestors and they are with you throughout the way.

4. Dreaming of the dead weeping-

This is never a good dream but always a warning. It entails that they see something bad about to happen in the family. It could be sickness or death itself! It’s never a good sign to dream of the dead crying at all, specifically it they are also in black attire.

5. Dreaming of the dead asking for something to drink or bathing-

This is a sign of a tradition ceremony needed to be held in order to appease the ancestors. The water is a literal representation of “Umqombothi” traditional African beer that needs to me made. The ceremony is usually accompanied by a slaughtering of an animal or a consultant in “Ebuhlanti”.

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