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Homemade remedies to get rid of Fever (Corona symptoms)

Homemade remedies to get rid of Fever (Corona symptoms)

Med lemon and Stoney to get rid of Fever and Corona symptoms


With the Corona Virus rapidly spreading in the entire country, there could not have been a better time to read this text. Additionally, it’s most certainly could not have been the best of time’s to experience colds and flue. Though, majority of us never find it necessary to take care of the fever but rather let it run out of the system.

However, fever/Corona does not have the best of symptoms to handle and usually makes us uncomfortable. This may be caused as the body is fighting off the infections within the immune system. Hence, the body’s form of defense is raising the internal body temperature up as a way of making the body warm enough that the invading germs don’t survive.

Although this might be one of the few positives about fever, they often make us feel miserable. Colds and flue have been said to be one of the Corona symptoms, thus getting rid of the symptoms might help in reducing the risk of the virus developing any further.

Hence, these are the homemade remedies you can use to get rid of fever(Covid-19 symptoms):


Stoney and medlemon to get rid of Fever and Corona symptoms Mix a pack of Med-lemon, in a small cup, with warm boiled water. Try pouring a half a cup of Stoney, in another fuller cup, and add the Med-lemon mixture. Finally, add three Halls sweets (black one’s) until they dissolve. Drink warm and cover yourself in bed until you sweaty and feel better.


Ginger and honey remedy to get rid of Fever Chop pieces of ginger and garlic into boiling water. Bring the heat down and add cayenne pepper. You can replace the cayenne pepper with lemon, if you not a fan of hot stuff. Serve the mixture hot and add honey for taste (honey also has good benefits).


AKA the Madagascar cure. Add the herb in in water and bring it to a boil. Add honey, when serving, as the herb has a bitter taste. However,you can also add chillies.


Make orange juice, with drops of lemon juice and serve it on medium temperature(lukewarm). Add honey for a much nicer taste.


*Drink warm tea (with honey or ginger).

*Bath in lukewarm water.

*Get hydrated(drink lots of water).

*Soak your socks.



*Consume alcohol.

*Double up on medication.

*Go outside

*Don’t starve

*Don’t do hard tasks

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