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How to make African punch (mbamba)

How to make African punch (mbamba)

How to make African punch

I aim to satisfy your throat needs by giving you my legendary Xhosa homemade African punch secret recipe.

The lockdown rules and regulations sure do have us twisted and ‘thirsty’, if you know what I mean! I know that majority of us drinkers feel like being in quarantine precisely feels like compulsory rehab. Even though we all know that the measures put forth nationwide are of greater benefit to our health and overall lives, it still has been challenging.

It has been challenging psychologically, physically, financially and, most definitely, “throatically” lol. The little of what we are getting is being used for a few that we can have, at the start of the moment. Nonetheless, that’s why I am here, to assist those of us who have been slightly affected.

Nevertheless, here are ways in which you can make your own homemade African punch:


*Fruits- 2 large Pineapples/500g green Apples

/500g Oranges… (Choose any 2)

*Yeast – 20g (of any brand)

*Brown suger- 1kg

*Teabags- 7/8 bags of Rooibos

*Brown bread- 1/2 of a loaf ?


Boil the 10 litres of water, while at it, put in your teabags and switch of the stove (but leave the pot on the hot plate and let it automatically cool). Add brown sugar and yeast, when it’s at least medium hot temperature, and then stir.

Begin to break pieces of the bread into medium bits and soak them into the mix. You may then cut pieces of your fruit, without peeling them(except the pineapple crown of course).

How to make African punch

Pour out the mixture into a +10 litre bucket, close it firmly and in a warm place (cover with blankets), so it can be fermented properly. Store the mixture for 8-13 hours, the longer the wait the better the results(%).

Remember, you’ll serve it strained with no bits of fruit or bread. Come back and thank me!

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