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What dreaming about School actually means

What dreaming about School actually means

African Dream analysis

Dreaming about school is usually in relation to one’s self introspection in a psychological sense. Additionally, it does not necessarily mean one has a spiritual calling.

Although, firstly, we have to understand that dreams have a meaning no matter who you are. Whether you have a calling or you don’t. It doesn’t matter but the fact is that every human being dreams symbolically. I have been seeing posts from people enquiring about school dreams all over social media. Somehow, the response is always related to a spiritual calling (intwaso).

Secondly, dreams come in categories, we need to take that into aspect and consideration. There are dreams that are general (and the school dream inclusive), there’s ancestral dreams which are not general and those are what we call spiritual/visionary dreams. However, this topic is for another day.…l-actually-means/

In our African communities there are people, whom their ancestors have already done most of the work, in terms of initiation “intwaso/Thwasa”, who are just overwhelmed by their dreams and because they are general dream their ancestors communicate with them. Additionally, every dream is particular, meaning we can dream the same way/things but have a different meaning/outcome. Yes, in some instances dreams have the same universal meaning to everyone and dreams can be opposite of what we dream off.

In order to understand whyyyou have been dreaming about school these are key elements to look out for or notice:

1. Your mood or the mood around

2. The environment

3. Your current situation and what you want to do (future)

4. Is there a teacher

5. Uniform

6. Study Material etc.

Now this dream relates to everyone, calling or no calling. Therefore, we cannot just say it’s “intwaso/ukuthwasa” because it’s highly possible that one has one of those who have ancestors “elihlelekile” and such person cannot be told it’s a calling.

Whatever your current situation is, whether you have studied and have not completed your studies, your ancestors are highlighting, finish up because what you are studying/studied will make you prosper. Whenever dreaming about school, it’s usually based on self education, as in do a self introspection if there’s something you not sure of and also consult with your ancestors and ask.

So, when you enquire about the meaning of a certain dream or what it symbolizes, firstly give the context of it and don’t just say ‘I dreamt a car, or school or house, money’ but be specific with detail.

As spiritually gifted people, we know that spiritual calling dreams are straight forward, involve water, initiates, beads, mountains, traditional blankets, certain African animals and all that is used when initiating, etc.

If you want to understand what your dreams mean orwwhat they symbolize better yet consult with your ancestors and ask, using 2 white candles and a metal dish. This method has no limitation as everyone can conduct it even the young and old, black or white. Thus, if they indeed haveddestined you to have a calling they will let you know.

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