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How to Phahla (personally communicate with your ancestors at home) 

How to Phahla (personally communicate with your ancestors at home) 

How to personally communicate with your ancestors

These are the following ways in which you can use to personally communicate with your ancestors, without actually going to a Traditional Healer. We call this in African language “Phahla”. Nonetheless, here’s what you need to have:

1. Pack of white candles.

2. Enamel/Metal eating bowl.

3. Water – Tap water will do.

4. Matches

How to personally communicate with your ancestors

NB: This is done for 3 consecutive nights.

Take the two candles, set them apart, put the bowl in between, pour water inside the bowl, light your candles, kneel down and start talking to your ancestors.

Introduce yourself and ask for forgiveness, then address your issue, starting by saying “We honor you…”. Then, get in details about wanhat’s happening? Why is my life so messed up or things, what’s happening in your life, why is it happening, what do you want to happen, can they show you the light, your dreams aren’t clear why and if there is something I did wrong please point me to correct direction, etc. Even if you stay with your parents, you state that your parents are trying but things seems not to be working out for you, at home or school etc.

Then, leave your candles burning (but please make sure that your candles are secure and will not fall and burn things).

Wake up in the morning and bath the normal way with soap. Then, take the water in the bowl pour it into the washing basin or bath and rinse yourself without soap, just as they are and don’t wipe yourself, let the water dry then you can do whatever.

Now, when you dream about something that night, do a follow up. For example, if you dream of an old man, old woman, water, babies etc. FOLLOW Up on it because that’s where your problem entail from, solutions or anything similar.

You go back again the second night, if your had a dream, you ask “nina bosbanibani I saw you”. You can clarify if you did not understand or if you saw nothing and you ask again like the previous night.

Now, you must watch these candles and how they burn. If the left hand candle burns out or burns quicker and the right burns out/blows off, it means there is a problem from your father’s side.

Vise versa, if the right hand candle burns off or burns quicker and the left burns out/blows off, it entails that there is a problem from the mother’s side.

Do this with an open mind and heart because they see through you, so don’t bother lying when you do this.

If nothing happens in the three days then go look for Sea, Waterfall, Rain/Hail water and always make sure you have these kind of liquids in your household.

How to personally communicate with your ancestors at home

Now, after this you can now go to the healer tell the healer you did a personal consultation and tell him/her what was shown to you in your dreams or visions. You must go to a trusted Sangoma or healer (Good Luck finding one because there’s vultures out there, just don’t look desperate.)

This process is effective if you also self cleanse, fast, no sexualaactivities and  maintain a clean diet.

I sincerely hope this will help especially those that seek direction and not knowing where to start or do when you start personally consulting, ‘phahla’, to their own ancestors.

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