Why you should stop eating meat at funerals, it’s a trap!

Stop eating meat at funerals, it's a trap

Here is some on advice on why you should stop eating meat at funerals, well some of them because it’s kind of a trap.

Throughout my healing journey and with the experience I have, I’ve learned from the best Healers a few things. This, are some of the most underestimated lessons about life and spirituality. Hence, I would like to share with all you spiritual beings.

I always advice people not to eat meat at a funeral gathering and you all are ought to know why. There are families which practice witchcraft but because only to benefits them or simply because it suits them therefore it’s not witchcraft according to them.

For example, let’s say within a Khumalo family there is a curse of Generation to Generation, whereby there is no infertility from the bride of the family even if they can bare children but because they are married to that family they won’t bare any up until maybe she divorces or cheats(like on Imbewu).

Why people shouldn't eat meat at funerals

What could the issue be? 

Just one sexual encounter from the outside partner you get pregnant. This, to show that the problem is not you and actually not even the husband but the family curse. If family bride/elder dies, they will go wash the body just before the funeral, culture procedure follows.

They will request just a small portion of the water they used to wash the body normally about 500ml. However, if they don’t agree in the mortuary we all know corruptive ways such as a bribe are possible.

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The family will gather the water into their sacred place and appeal to their ancestors. This, on purpose and what they intend to do. Then, normally they cook with the same water used to wash coarps. On a specific baverage like beef/chicken stew meat, which they know majority of the people who attend the funeral will eat it . By doing such they are banishing their curse in the family through sending it off to others. Then it will no longer be in the family.

Why people shouldn't eat meat at funerals

I never believed this up until a client once confirmed to me that they once did it in her family.

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