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Babes Wodumo is NO Qgom queen! See why

Babes Wodumo is NO Qgom queen! See why

Babes Wodumo is no Qgom queen

Babes Wodumo has been the talk of the town for a while now, but this time I’m disputing her plastic crown!! She has been proclaimed to be the Queen of Gqom, heck she even released her first album entitled “Gqom Queen”. Chiiileee, talk a mess!

Now, this was during 2016. The star released her breakthrough hit ‘Wololo’ during the same year. This was the first time the audiences were graced with Babes presence, it was her first single. The song later on went platinum and charted at number 3 on SA iTunes. The following singles did not do as well, but rather moderate.


Sadly, Babes lost almost all categories she was nominated for the song. She only took away Best Dance Female Artists at the Dance Music Awards during 2017. That was the last of her accolades. Now, take into consideration, the song was everywhere in Mzansi. Even 4 year old were singing ‘Wololo’. For a moment, Babes Wodumo was the It girl, some even compared her to the likes of Lebo Mathosa.

Now now chille, this is when we went a bit too far. Lebo Mathosa was a force to be reckoned with! Lebo had the VOICE, the body, the image and the talent. She had proven herself multiple time with her pen game (she wrote her own songs) and she had hit after hit.

Wodumo only released one single and peeps were already calling her the Queen. Mind you, this was during the rise of Qgom. I have nothing against your girl but she ain’t no Queen. On the other side, we have Busisiwa who has been doing her thing way before Babes. She crossed over the genres during Babes few minutes of fame.

Durban peeps were mostly the ones calling Babes the Queen, whereas no one else was. The girl has failed to outperform her previous work and instead has given us personal drama after drama. She has been currently trending for insulting her mother in law, mother to Mampintsha. She has all of this bad press, but a good artist uses it to sell more.

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There crown is empty

She failing maintaining her alleged title of Qgom. Although, Gqom has died along with her career. Whereas, people like Busiswa have done more in the same genre but never are given their flowers. This is another situation of pretty privilege, because everyone was talking about Babes looks when she came in.

Also, Busisiwa does more that just bum shorts when performing. And, we as the audiences wanna see what Babes be packing yet the talent is empty! Babes Wodumo ain’t no Queen of Gqom. The numbers never lie, checkmate.

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