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Homechoice online accused of stealing

Homechoice online accused of stealing

Homechoice accused of stealing people's money

Homechoice online, South Africa’s biggest bedding and blankets retailer, has been alledged to have been taking from its customers and other citizens (who aren’t even their customers) without permission!

According to ‘MyBroadband‘, “the site has been receiving numerous complaints from readers. Those who claimed that despite never encountering Homechoice before, their bank accounts have been debited for various amounts by them.

Homechoice online accused of stealing people's money

  • Furthermore, the references attached to their debit orders contained the phrase ‘HOMECHOICE”. This, leaving many in confusion and questioning the trust of their own banks in letting such happen without their consents. Additionally, the retailer Helopeter page has given evidence of fraudulent act by the company!

Search on the topic, you are guaranteed to find similar complaints on their online about the serious matter. However, this isn’t the first time this huge retailer has been put on the spot for their fraudulent debit money scamming, as it goes far back from 2017.

Thus, if one is experiencing any unknown debit deduction they better reverse such, asap! Although, here’s what Homechoice had to say after all this time:

Homechoice accused

This is a bit too questionable, right. Like, why hasn’t the huge retailer not payed for this. It’s clear to see that black people where of the majority that were scammed. Why isn’t anyone taking this company to court. Because it’s evident that they have been doing this for a while.

Despite all the allegations, the bedding retailer has not come forth to address the issue. Probably because they know they will pay. Our wrath as the nation awaits to face Homechoice online for their pathetic scheme.

Why isn’t the investigation unit on top of this case. Comment below if you have been victim of such scam by the company. What are you planning to do next about this? When?

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